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The International Riesling Challenge has resumed again after a Covid gap of a couple of years; 
a very specialised, very prestigious, closely monitored and expertly judged competition. 
Its award system is different to most of the wine shows in that it doesn’t use Gold, Silver, Bronze, but the rating ‘Excellent’ 94 points here is equivalent to Gold in any other show.

Winemaker Damian, who deserves all the credit, is delighted. So are we.

(www.rieslingchallenge.com if you want to look up lots more detail) 

It’s interesting to note that Clare and Eden Valley provide about half the Australian Rieslings – probably due to the original German influence. 
Speaking of which, the international entrants are there, but their numbers are yet to pick up again post-Covid.
Back again after the Covid gap, we are very happy to say.  
To all our friends and Koppamurra fans in Sydney and Melbourne.
 It was excellent to catch up again* after those years in the Covid wilderness, even though not with as many of you as pre-Covid. 
You all seemed quite pleased to see us which is always encouraging.  And…it’s a start. 
[*back at our old sampling grounds: Sydney – Pyrmont Bridge Hotel – Friday evening in September. Melbourne – Pullman Mercure Albert Park – Friday evening in October.]

Probably a good one for SA. Probably a horrible one for eastern Oz – at the time of writing this much of it is under water and still being rained on.

NEW WINES - released this year
2022 Riesling Watervale Clare Valley
2021 Grenache McLaren Vale                                      
2021 Pinot Gris Adelaide Hills
2022 Rose McLaren Vale                                             
See more about them on the Tastings Page (or better! Try some soon!)

The tasting notes will tell you about the wines - but proof is in the tasting 
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Yes, we have two! The one in the news letter is 'static' and you print it and use a pen to fill it in! 
The one on the 'download link' is 'active' meaning you can open it and then type in your choices and details. The contents of both copies are the same!  
(Clever Huh! and easier for those of us who can never find a pen!)

Great news - great new wines!