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Our best advertisement has always been the wine itself. 
But come and try it for yourself at one of our tastings: 

2021 Wine Events 

and what will they be?

We asked last year and well might we ask again this year.

Meanwhile in Adelaide..

...we have been able to resume our traditional
Sunday Lunches
34 Unley Road, Unley
12:30PM - 5PM.   


Selected Sundays,   

but call us to see what’s available.


To comply with Covid Rules

 and available space

  – which is rather less now  that chill 

has driven  us indoors –  

numbers at each Sunday lunch

 are much reduced.

Sunday, May 2nd, 2 pm - 6 pm

We don’t think it is too much to say that one and all were delighted to see us; you Canberra supporters supported enthusiastically and the Mercure staff were more helpful and friendly than ever – they must have been quite pleased to be hosting an event – even though Covid rules complicate matters.

First appearance for the 3 new reds (Touriga Nacional, Grenache, Torresan Block Shiraz) in Canberra; you liked them.

Melbourne / Sydney

As for Melbourne and Sydney, we will continue to assess the situation and monitor events, as they continue to say. 

October? November? 

Perhaps/maybe/we’ll see.



Enquiries to Dean or Di at 8357 9533

or Sales@koppamurra.com


And we’ll let you know when wine events become possible again

Please bring your friends 
but remember to book for the number of friends.

So, keep watching here and in your email in-box for further announcements and invitations!

Like we said, absolutely the best way to taste all the wines slowly and in comfort. 

As information, dates etc are updated they’ll be posted on our website www.Koppamurra.com  

  Invitations will be sent to those on our Mailing List.
(Click on the link above to email a request to be added to our mailing list! or email

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