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Riesling 2022 Clare Valley – Watervale  
From our new source vineyard but the same classic region. Minerally citrusy Rieslingy characters, consistent with this wine’s 12 forbears from the region. Quality and consistency have been shown by the surprising and gratifying number of medals awarded to our Rieslings.
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Riesling 2021 Clare Valley – Watervale  
There was NO 2020 Riesling for us and many others – that summer’s drought wiped it out. To complicate things, we now have a new source vineyard in much the same area and we are very happy to have an excellent Riesling from their grapes. Stronger Riesling characters and minerality with the new wine, which will smooth out as it ages.
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Riesling 2019 Clare Valley – Watervale  

BRONZE 2019 Small Winemakers Nat'l  For 10 years the Honey’s immaculate vineyard has provided us with grapes for Rieslings that have won gold, silver and bronze medals with remarkable and gratifying quantity. A medal again for the 10th year in a row!  Even after a difficult Clare season, we have the fresh, clean, crisp wine we expect – along with the typical citrus and mineral flavours.  

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Pinot Gris - 2021 Adelaide Hills 

One of those easy-drinking whites, kind of midway between Riesling and Chardonnay, where you sit down with friends and polish off a couple of bottles before you notice. Good reason for having a stock on hand. A worthy successor to the 2020.

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Rosé - 2022 McLaren Vale  

Pale, dry, fragrant – a swig from the glass in your hand and you could be transported to Provence. However just as good if it transports you to a shady veranda in McLaren Vale at one fifth the price.

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Rosé - 2021 McLaren Vale  

Pale pale pale and of an extreme elegance. Unsurpassed as a summer drink. Light, smooth, subtle flavours with a tiny bit of bite at the finish which some say is the mark of a classy Rosé. New? Bottled late October 2021!

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Rosé - 2019 McLaren Vale  SPECIAL

[Grenache 85%, Shiraz 15%] Almost all Grenache (winemaker’s own), with a spoonful or two of Shiraz. Dry, pale – the classic Rubens pink – much in the style of our 2017 and 2018. 
Smooth berry fruit flavours. Chill though tradition has it as an ideal anesthetic for summer heat, We know many Rose addicts who will happily sip all through the winter.

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'Torresan Block' Shiraz 2020 McLaren Vale
The first Shiraz from winemaker Damian’s own small grape farm. Summer drought, small berries, intense fruit flavours. French and American oak barrel maturation. A ‘new wave’ complex and elegant Shiraz that rivals and will be a good replacement for the ‘Ramsay Black’ which is now almost gone. 10 years with good cellaring.


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Touriga Nacional 2020 Barossa Valley 
WineWise: ‘the typical floral perfume leads into a delightfully silky palate balanced by very fine tannins. Deliciously drinkable.  
We are now one of the very few Oz winemakers making a straight Touriga N and think it a great addition to our wine list. A red grape, historically used in Portugal and Australia in fortified wine – i.e. ‘port’ – almost always blended.

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Joanna Shiraz 2012 Wrattonbully
Not a bad medal list, you’ll agree. Its predecessor, the 2008 Joanna Shiraz, aged wonderfully well and this one should age splendidly, too. Given appropriate good cellaring.
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Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 Wrattonbully 

More from Mosquito Creek – by now you will have worked out they are the source for all our Wrattonbully wines. As we do, the best of the barrels selected for bottling.  Full-bodied, intense flavours.   More tannic early, but will last and last, improving all the way – 10 years plus with good cellaring.

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Grenache  2021 McLaren Vale 

Third in the great series  from winemaker Damian’s own vineyard in the region establishing itself as great terroir for Grenache. The lighter McLaren Vale style – depth and elegant finish – will develop with careful cellaring.

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Grenache  2020 McLaren Vale 

.The second Grenache from the Damian grape farm. Not to be missed – looks every bit as good as the 2 times Gold Medal 2019. Very much in the new lighter McLaren Vale style – and Grenache is becoming a signature wine for the Vale.

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Grenache  2019 McLaren Vale 

.Our first straight Grenache for 10 years, since we started to produce GSM.  The Grenache grapes, originally and still one of the classic varieties of the Rhone Valley in France, come from old bush vines in McLaren Vale. A highly aromatic wine with ripe intense fruit flavours, soft red fruits and hints of spice, not heavy, but with depth and elegance.

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Pinot Noir 2016 Adelaide Hills  

The Hills have proved to be a great source for both our Pinots – Noir and Gris. A difficult grape to grow, a difficult wine to make. But we think we are doing it well. A robust wine with lots of Pinot character – very much the style of Pinot coming from the Hills and making their reputation as a premier region for the wine.

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G. S. M. 2018 McLaren Vale    
T[Grenache 41%, Shiraz 41%, Mourvèdre 18%]  The 2017 GSM won a gold, won your vote – now nearly sold out – and we’ll be surprised if this one doesn’t do as well.  GSM, like Grenache, has become a McLaren Vale signature wine. Very drinkable now, only getting better with bottle age and cool cellaring.  Grapes all from old bush vines – classic! 

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